Tuesday, 28 July 2020


                Our body obtain maximum energy from fat  i.e 1 gram fats gives 9 calories/k.cal of energy. Fat beneath skin help to control body temperature.fat are useful for absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Most of harmones in our body are in the form of fat  ex. Estrogen progesterone, testosterone, etc.
            Cholesterol is also type of fat it is in solid state at room temperature and soluble in water. It is of
LDL is dangerous than HDL.


·         lemon tea surely aids lowering the risk of heart disease as well as risk of a stroke.
·         It also helps in lowering blood pressure.
·         You can also add some basil leaves to get maximum benefits
·         flush out toxins from the body.
·         Boosts Digestive Function


·         May improve brain function.
·         Speed up fat burning.
·         Antioxidants quality may lower the risk of some cancers.
·         help prevent diabetes.
·         Reduces risk of heart disease.


·         to soothe a sore throat.
·         help to burn fat.
·         good for skin and clear up acne.
·          Detoxifies The Body.


·         Good for hair.
·         Has antioxidant properties.
·         May help lower blood pressure.
·         May help burn bad LDL cholestoral.
·         Good for skin.
·         May reduse risk of cancer.


·         Rich in antioxidants and vitamins.
·         Boost immunity.
·         May help in fat burning.
·         Lower risk of chronic disease.

Sunday, 26 July 2020


Break up is not the ultimate of life it is part of life we live in society where only 3 % marriage are love marriage so chill you are not the only one who had break up .
        We get in relationship with some dreams with some future planning for life partner many times these things don't reflect in real time and its not necessary to fulfill your every dream . relationship are like tale not story. You will not forget your partner till your last breath bit you can surely come out of stress, anxiety and depression.

 So how to deal with break up

       1 First thing we need to stop massaging partner.
       2  stop stalking her /him on social media .
       3 try to talk with your friends spend whole time with friend for earlier days.
       4 most imp whenever you got her thoughts write it down on paper instead of sending her /him para message write it on paper.
       5 try to make new friends.
      6 give your 1 hr time to exercise .
      7  do the things that you like   ex: continue your hobby reading painting etc .
      8 try to learn new things .
      9 dont upload sad status on social media.
      10 try to avoid social media for some time period.


India has glorious history since Mohenjo-Daro to recent surgical strike. In ancient time India was known as “CENTRE OF KNOWLEDGE” due to three university Takshila Vikramshila and NalandaNalanda university is backbone of Indian history ,which was based on principles of lord Budhha.

Nalanda is the world's first institution of higher learning, was build by Kumar Gupta in 427 A.D having capacity of 10k students with 2k teachers accommodations FREE. In this university science , astronomy,mathematics and budhism ethics were taught ,students not only came form different part of India but also came from China,Korea,Japan,Tibat,Indonesia,Iran,Tarki.those who studied here they spread Budism over the world in that result Today,Budhhism is found in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Japan, China, etc, and in some parts of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, also in the European countries and the USA. It is believed that the Buddhist population of the world is over 500 million
 If we look sctrucutre  of nalan It was spread in huge area with incredible architecture having
  1. seven big halls and 300 rooms for lectures.
  2. there was a nine flour library having books of various scripture and of manuscript.
  3. monastery which were arranged in row from north to south these were used for students and teachers accommodation.
  4.  in spite of these, Nalanda  consist of many VIHAR having picturesque Budhha statue, garden,lake etc and  the university was surrounded by wall with one main gate.
The whole Nalanda university was run by chancellor( who was appointed by budhhist monk ). with two bodies one is for teaching purpose and other is for management.where as teaching  body was of mainly for teaching purpose which was divide in three levels as per their knowledge and second body was for manage economical status (like food, cloth and accommodation needs which are fulfill by donation of villages near by Nalanda in form of grains and tax) and it also look administrative works. 

To take admission in Nalanda student should crack all levels of entrance exam which was tough enough so that only  schlor talented students in university can get admission.the student in university should strictly follow sangha’s rule with clear character.there was no restriction on students religion .

But unfortunately in 1193, muslim invaders on NALANDA under leadership of bakhtiar khilji , he killed lots of budhist and demolished the university ,over nine millon books were burnt continuously for six month.

Now  95 KM from south of patna in Bihar we can see only a flatten structure of NALANDA. And UNESCO declared it as world heritage site.


               Women empowerment is  topic in media, politics as well as everyone talks on this, giving their precious suggestions on it but most of us don’t want to implement it.
               As Women empowerment is big word likewise it has terrific meaning, Firstly girls were killed in embryo because of society principle of “मुलगा हा वारसाचा दिवा आसतो,मुलगी परक्याच धन”(boys continue their clan and girls marry and left her father clan)and it has one strong reason is dowry ,that lead people to kill girls in foetus.
              Earlier women were bounded in only kitchen and children life cycle in which they have to only stay stick with their household work and have to serve her husband and his family and her husband was her supremo (पतिप्रमेश्वर) and she had to fallow his each and every order, in case of domestic violence she didn’t have right to protest against her husband and her family? It didn’t stop here After her husband death she had to “sati” or live boycotted life which is worst for thinking too. This all stuff women had to suffer because not supported by her mom dad because of society rule. ( after marriage  girls or women mom dad don’t have right to interfere in her marriage life and she have to accept her anyhow life.

               We live in petriarchal society where  women are secondary, and ranked on their beauty basics not on talent, They didn’t had freedom to follow up their dream even having ability. now a day’s most of girls continues their education only in fear that her family will not engage her marriage, so firstly give freedom to girls so they educate for society for nation like our star player who won medals in Olympics i.e sakshi malik and p v sindhu and mahrastrian girl deepa karmakar did her best , tina dabi topped in toughest exam UPSC, Indira Gandhi how ruled our nation with good policies, Arundhati Bhattacharya is an Indian banker and ex Chair-Managing director of the State Bank of India there are many examples in every sector where women successfully lead that sector. This done because of their family support and freedom, but we think girl freedom means that they will ruin reputation by falling in love with someone and blah blah….. so don’t think that believe in your girl and open her opportunity doors. Most important For women injustice is women are equally participated because they bear it keeping silence for it. as Dr.Babsaheb said, ”suffer persons are more guilty than who are responsible for it ”
               So “RAISE YOUR VOICE”
             and  to permanently overcome from these issue education is powerful weapon because it has ability to change world. Many of the social reformers worked for women empowerment like Raja ram mohan rai who banned “sati” and child marriage ,phule shahu ambedkar in which Mahatma Phule took initiative for women education  with help of his wife Savitribai Phule  without taking care opposition by society .Dr. Babsaheb Ambedkar  proposed “hindu code bill” for women empowerment with propaganda that progress of community depends on progress of women have done. But unfortunate bill didn’t pass.

               After our nation got freedom due to many acts for women safety, education and much more like currently running scheme BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO ,Priyadarshini and  many SC results declare in favor of women which help for women empowerment. many organization work for it, electronic media and program  in support of women empowerment and recently innitative taken by Indian cricket team with star co pvt ltd is superb and appreciable. which is good enough but some type of ads like buety cream compare women confidence with their beauty which is totally contradictory and tending it to profit making business. But even after all  good stuff, at present there are 9700  cases were register  by women  persecution for domestic violence , rape ,teasing,sexual harassment etc.and there will may be many more which were not register due to family reputation .

               Because we don’t want change our MIND setup up and some extent we succeed in women empowerment but not fully. this will happen if we respect for women and take care that everyone is too and we have to make sure that incidence such as "NIRBHAYA, KOPARDI ......... "won’t happen again. so that each and every women in our nation is free to live her ambitious life.


        I am a feminist, no no i m not girl still am a feminist Every time only a girl can't be feminist boy can , yet not by choice but by forceful will.hope u got what  I mean.
      Whenever you see a feminist just show them you fear of her so that they feel feminism has power otherwise they will show real power (tear).
      Now a days, feminism became fashion theme if you are feminist then you are cool but if not u r anti......... 
      respect women we all respect women our Constitution teaches us to respect women, it gave equal rights of opportunity.
 our culture praise women as god although there are some stereo type stigma in society that ruin the image of society we have to fight with it not with victims . (Bimari se ladna hai bimar se nahi). And it doesn't mean who don't veil feminism dont follow it . 
Stop exaggarating feminism its a need not trend.

Thursday, 6 September 2018



Whenever we heard word LGBT community we recall the typical appearance of a man with full of make up wearing saree and begging @ traffic signal or in train second class coach or in red light area. We call him ( hizda ) i.e transgender all other Gay Lesbian Bisexual are just words of western culture for us.
 Are they not in Indian society ?
No , may be one of our friend is gay or lesbian or bisexual but only fear of stigma and boycott they don’t reveals their identity as homosexual.
Basically homosexuality is biological & innate in that one person attract to same gender person just like in heterosexual (one person attract opposite gender person) and it has nothing to do with “nature of order”
Homosexuals are named with LGBT Community
Lesbian         a girl likes another girl
Gay                a boy likes another boy
Bisexual         person have sexual desire from man as well as women
          Transgender  person who act like women due to hormones

Indian penal code (IPC) is criminal code for India,which we got from inheritance of British slavery . it was drafted in 1860 on recommendation of  first law commission of India which was est in 1834 under chairmanship of Thomas Macaulay and we continue it after freedom with some amendment of contemporary provision.
           377 is IPC section which criminalizes consensual private sexual act between adult with provision of imprisonment for life or with imprisonment of either decription for term which may extend to 10 years and shall also be liable to fine

          LGBT guys are discriminate on basis of their behavior and appearance , unfortunate they are treated as mental ill but WHO declare that ‘homosexuality is not mental illness’ Many of LGBT community people like joyita mondal (Lok Adalat judge in north Bengal ) Pratika yashini (police officer) etc proved it by their work
Infact it is society’s illness that they don’t let live LGBT guy dignify life and push  this community to work as sex worker or beg.

ART 14 claims equal protection of law within the territory of India to every citizen . IPC sec 377 itself  keep LGBT community in criminal zone though art 21 explicitly preserve right to privacy of Indian citizen yet from last 62 years we following sec 377 stigma to our liberal, democratic nation .But in societal view LGBT is stigma to society. Still at end of tunnel there is light and today SC declare IPC SEC 377 unconstitutional and void.
Fight is not stop here , constitutionally and legally it got support but it is socially still boycotted and to break it we need social awareness through campaign and through e- media , movies like SACRED GAMES and VEERE DI WEDDING
    Every coin has to side like homosexuality has some problems like it may cause AIDS like diseases and we have to create awareness of it.

Friday, 4 November 2016

The maker of modern india


              “ We are Indians firstly and lastly

       This slogan written by Babasaheb Ambedkar gives me goosebumps of patriotism. Babsaheb devoted his whole life for nation building, there were many leader who worked for it but Babasaheb Ambedkar was the only leader in India who had multidimensional foresight visionary and this helped to raise our nation as developing country. As Pakistan also got freedom in 1947 but still is way below the ground for development. Babasaheb Ambedkar hugely contributed in building up the modern India by his extraordinary vision. But his works were hidden by some hypocrites only because Babasaheb Ambedkar belongs to lower class so they used him as per their relevance.

       Until, 1941, labour in India had no rights as they had to work for 14 hrs a day. And today every labour talks about his right and fight for it only because of Babasaheb Ambedkar who reduced the working hours of labour from 14 hours to 8 hours and gave fundamental rights to the labour. And also proposed many act and scheme for labour, the concept of insurance was also babasaheb’s thought, so that labour will work at their best and which effects the GDP of nation. Without Babasaheb Ambedkar the future of labour in India would have been in pitch darkness.

       “I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved

The above gives us the glimpse of Babasaheb Ambedkar’s vision for women empowerment. The 108'th amendment of women reservation is the heterodoxy of ‘Hindu code bill’. Which was presented by babasaheb in 1951 every member of parliament opposed it, if bill was passed it would have ended sati pratha, dowry system way back in 1951 itself. Only after the bill lapsed Babasaheb Ambedkar resigned as low minister the draft also include education right, divorce right to women, giving widows complete property rights, if parliament had passed the “Hindu code bill“ in 1951, at present women would never have needed empowerment campaigning.

       Babasaheb held M.A M.SC P.hd D.Sc in Economics there is no one deeply studied in economics as babasaheb in India or the world then and probably even now. Our nation’s economy is one of the developing economies, because of Dr. babsabheb ambedkar’s robust for economic policies which have saved our nation in times of great economic depressions. RBI which is the backbone of Indian economy was established in 1934 based on the guidelines from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar's book “The problem of rupee: it's problem and solution” this book was about british govt  ruining Indian economy and ways to stop it.The damodar river which also known as river of sarrow because of its heavy flood, not being any knowledge of engineering, he correctly detected the problem and helped build damodar vally project based on Tennessee valley project like wise he constructed hirakund, sona river project and spread a greenery smile on farmer face in flooded area.

       Babasaheb Ambedkar not only gave rights to dalit’s but for each and every citizen of Indian. Babasaheb Ambedkar gave rights to backward class so they could live like humans. Otherwise due to casteism they had life worst than animals. He recreated the society which is now based on the principle of “liberty,equality and fraternity” depends on their ability not on casteism by constitution of India. India is world’s best democracy due to his “constitution”, and constitution of India is written by Babasaheb Ambedkar which gives each and every citizen equal rights and which is  base of modern India.

Babasaheb Ambedkar gave inspiration to youth through his life ad he was belong to lower class in Indian community those who didn’t have fundamental rights to live their well social life but  he crushed such weird system and become one of the world’s savant ,” if you have will power then impossible is nothing “ and he also told about importance of education by his quote “if you read you will be succeed.” Because education is weapon which has power to change world.   




Friday, 12 August 2016


  Main commander RUSTOM  PAVRI
                     " INDIAN NAVY "
      When we listen this sentance, it gives  goosebumps on body.
    But what the RUSTOM movie is  about...?
    Every one rubishly told u that it was a case in 1959 's of a noval officer kill his wife's lover and thats it.?
 No,it begins here ....
        Movie starts with great music by ankit tiwari of hairraising patriotic feeling, Onward you have package of great story + superb direction + awesome acting  by akshay sir + gorgeous looks of ileana + and also gives glimpse of high profile castism.
       As story is sole of movie like that RUSTOM's story is very touchy. And is shown very significantly with step by step mode you will not get bored for single moment and even after knowing the result, nevertheless  its trill and suspence will not dwindle but Sec by sec it goes up and up as movie goes on. Here we can see akshay sir's new AVATAR with 100% devoted fabulous job as usual with high energy level at age of 48 but  ileana doesnt have imactable role even after she did well n some mistake are covered by her beauty . Esha gupta is also good with arjan bajwa and sachin sir acting is also admirable . Both of the heroines looks much more pretty gorgeous.but ileana  looks more cute as ma sweet baby.
        Overall if we see RUSTOM is complete package and no need of popcorn to enjoy such terrific movie.......


rustom parvi is KAWAS MANECKSHAW NANAVATI and his wife was british born sylvia for whom all this RAMAYAN happened ,
      His case was runned in jury court, which was last case of jury bench.
But then the case was referred to high court.  Nanavati was sentenced to life imprisonment.
      He retried his luck in Supreme Court. Here also he was found guilty. However, due to political pressure he was released from the prison after three years.
      And settled in CANADA with his family .
      And most importand  movie teaches us

      #respect for women
What is jury bench?

         This was pre1960's justification process in India  and was founded by greece. which is team of some number of member who decides the  person is guilty or not n most of the member were  judges a case based on societal norms, morality and ethics.
Howler way its just like our GAO PANCHAYAT.....